Why should you read Blood Red Road? Here are my reasons that you should!
1. Saba- Tough, gritty and loyal to a fault. She has her flaws as we all do but that is what makes her relatable and honest.
2. Lugh-The Ying to Saba’s Yang. She is night and he is her day. They are so fiercely different but so connected. Lugh is Saba’s purpose and what drives her.
3. Nero-because having a crow as a constant companion who understands you is awesome but having him perched on your shoulder WILL scare anyone who crossed you!
4. Heart Stone- for the sake of being spoiler free let’s just say I LOVE what this stone represents and how that purpose manifests is very neat.
5.Free Hawks- because you have never met a gang of badass girls who have a real purpose till meeting this group.
6.Finally favorite The Red Hot!!! When you feel it welling up inside you and you KNOW you are unstoppable is a HUGE confidence builder.
This book reads a bit like The Road by Cormac McCarthy, in that there is no punctuation. I love that we get to be in Saba’s head. Her lack of proper english keeps her real and unapologetic in her motives or purpose.There are very few female protagonist I really would want to be a real life friend of mine, Saba is at the top of that short list for me.
The setting itself is bleak, hot and dry. The scenes played out in my head like a movie, maybe that is what the author was going for, because she did it right on. Saba and her family are JUST getting by, when her brother is captured by cloaked riders and her father is killed by these men.
Saba and her 9 year old sister are left alone and totally orphaned. Their journey is soly based on Saba’s drive and promise to find her brother. We are taken to amazing and crazy places and meet very colorful and well crafted characters along the way.
I am trying to keep my review spoiler free and not give away too many details. I will just say read this book